Automated Call Detail Record (CDR) Mapping and Analysis

Created BY Law Enforcement FOR Law Enforcement

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LE CellTrack now offers an innovative product that converts Call Detail Records (CDRs) into an interactive, multifunctional map within a matter of seconds. This easy to use, state-of-the-art software has the potential to revolutionize the way detectives investigate and work their cases.

Call Detail Record (CDR) Mapping & Analysis For Law Enforcement


LE CellTrack offers automated cell phone tracking and plotting technology that allows for quick upload of Call Detail Records (CDRs) and, within seconds, returns video and graphical representations of the pertinent phone activity and location information.


Our technology was designed and built by law enforcement and it automatically extracts and the most relevant and important information from CDRs. Analysis that takes days or weeks to do by hand can now be done with this tool within a matter of seconds.


At LE CellTrack, we are committed to serving with respect, integrity and the highest level of security, technical support and customer service.


Our technology automatically extracts information from CDRs to provide latitude and longitude mapping, incoming and outgoing call logs, cell tower information and a graphical timeline. All timelines display UTC time data. Users can also add custom markers and notes to their own reports.


The security of all data is a top priority for LE CellTrack. The system is built with 2-part authentication and username and password protection to provide a secure environment that keeps data safe. Data flow is secure. It uploads with one click, sends instant results and then data is destroyed, eliminating the chance of theft.

“What I like about your program is I can download the phone records and the program automatically sorts what events are reliable. These actions are automatic and the system is very easy for a person like myself to use. This is a much needed tool that makes my job as a homicide detective easier and more efficient.”

~ San Antonio Police Department Detective